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WBA Mission

The WBA is an association of Basoga and friends of Busoga, in the Washington area, committed to the advancement of cultural and socio-economic well-being of Busoga region, to enable it achieve its fullest potential.

The Busoga region is part of Eastern Uganda. It is bordered to the West by the river nile, to the East by River Mpologoma, to the North by Lake Kyoga and to the South by Lake Victoria.


1. Advancement of Cultural, Social and Economic development to enable people of Busoga achieve their fullest potential.

2. Provide a platform for sharing information, knowledge & skills.

3. Develop and implement Strategic projects to address socio-economic stagnation in Busoga.

4. Identify strategies to health problems in Busoga.

5. Advancement of our Cultural Values.

6 Promote HIV/AIDS prevention and support

Find more information about WBA at our group site.